Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Day, Another Movie

****'Fly Me to the Moon'****rated G. I thought it was cute and enjoyed the 3D effects but Bryce thought it was totally lame.? I was so surprised. I think small kids will like it. It had a good story. Bryce says he gives it 5 lumps of coal? I give it 2 diamonds.

****'Babylon A.D.'****rated PG-13. Vin Deisel plays his usual mono-toned tough guy, hard-A blah blah blah. It was just kinda weird for me. I wasn't crazy about it. The girl that he's protecting was bazarre and bugged me. The special effects were pretty good. Jeff and I both give it 1 diamond.

****'Bangkok Dangerous'****rated R. Nickolaus Cage plays a numb assasin who has never had love or happiness in his life so, he's just a barrell of laughs, let me tell ya. I thought it was so sad and depressing. It had it's intense moments bit was just a total and complete downer. Again it gets 1 diamond from both of us.

****'Burn after Reading'****rated R. Francis McDermot was great and George Cloony was kinda quirky but good. Brad Pitt plays kind of a laid back, surfer dude, crazy fitness trainer and was totally funny. It also has John Malkovich (who was absolutely insane) and Tilda Sweeney. Some big names. It was a big tangled web of craziness and love triangles. It was really wild. I think it will be nominated for best picture because it's so weird. They say the f-word way too much. Jeff gives it two and I'm giving it 2 1/2.

****'Everybody Wants to be Italian'****rated R. It was so hard for me to get through this one. It was gruelling! I don't know why, I mean it could have been good. The main kid drove me insane, he was so stupid and a jerk, though I don't think that's what they were going for. I got really bored and restless. Not sure why it was rated R, it could have been PG-13, so thats good anyway. It gets 1 diamond.

****'Righteous Kill'****rated R. You can't go wrong with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino! It was really good. Intense, suspenseful, Intriguing. It's racy and risque. Too bad they have to do that. They could have totally left that out and made it PG-13. They play cops that are trying to figure out who's killing the murdering, raping, very bad men who get away with their crimes. It was good. 3 diamonds.

****'Traitor'****rated PG-13. Don Cheadle (love him) plays a terrorist spy... This is a great movie. I very highly recommend it. You're on the edge of your seat alot. I can't say much about it, just go see it, you will like it! We both give it 4 diamonds.

****'Errand of Angels'****rated PG. The sister missionaries try to get along and understand each other in Austria. Jeff said it was pretty true to form. It was good. We all saw it together, and since we're all in hyper-mission mode, it was really fun. We give it 3 diamonds.

****'Women'****rated PG-13. Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Annette Benning. Oh and Eva Mendes. It was really pretty good. Though it wasn't a total 'man-basher fest', Jada plays a lesbian, and, get this, there is not one single man in this movie, NOT ONE! That's amazing! It's kind of predictable, but it's fun and I liked it. Jeff gives it 2, I give it 3.

****'Fly boys'****rated PG-13. Wow! I saved the best for last! This is an AWESOME movie! Seriously! It's kind of a lower budget, Sundance film festival movie. It has Stephen Baldwin and Tom Sizemore, who I don't usually like, but was great in it. It's a feel-good, triumphant movie that puts you on the edge of your seat more than once. I think I can guarantee that you will like this one, if not love it! It gets 4 diamonds all around.

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