Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Day, Another Movie

****"Awake" rated R for language. Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba. Oh, and Terrence Howard (love him.) Clay, (Hayden) needs a heart transplant and Terrence Howard is his friend and his Doctor. Sam, (Jessica) is Haydens girlfriend that he can't tell his mom about because she'll freak. I can't really tell you anything else because it will give it away. It was very unpredicable, which I was surprised about, because when I saw the previews, it just seemed like it would be obvious what happens. Not even! It's got alot of twists and turns for the short hour and a half that it is. It's really good, and I would recommend it. The language was not too bad, but it kinda was..? what? well, it had a half dozen F-words. Okay, am I starting to talk to myself and answer my own questions like my baby Gabe? Anyway, I really liked it. Giving it 3 and a half diamonds.

P.S. Thank you to those of you who have responded to my movie quiz. I've decided that when I get 10 comments I'll post my list:)

Oh my gosh! Can I just tell you that my sister is a computer genius!! She made it so much easier to add my diamonds! Thanks sis!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Anyone There?

Okay, so I'm getting ready to post my all-time favorite movies list, but I've been holding out for some response. I thought it would be so much fun to hear from everyone, (anyone) about what you think my #1 movie is, or at least anything in my top 3. Anyone out there, even strangers that might check in:) please give me a guess, and then tell me what your #1 favorite movie is!!! Mom, Aunt Carma, Aunt Ellen, Chantel...Michele?? This includes you guys! Love Ya!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh happy day!!!

How was everyones Thanksgiving?!! Hope it was great! Ours was wonderful, except I kept wishing my mom and grandma Sanders were with us, and of course, Mikes and Davids families would have made it perfect! We had my whole family, including Brandons girl friend Venessa, and Brandons Friend KC, who has been living with us for a few months. And Mels family. What Fun. The food was yummy and we went to the theater to see Enchanted, what a fabulous movie! And then we topped off a wonderful day by going to Joel and Lisa's house to play games and have more pie, YUM-O. I'm thankful for all of you in my life! Enjoy the Season!

Another Day, Another Movie

****"Enchanted" rated PG. This is a good one! Not too "chick-flicky" as one might think. The gal that plays the princess (Amy Adams) is so good at it. And two words, Patrick Dempsey, hello! It's a beautiful love story with a cute chipmunk and a mean and nasty step-mother, Susan Sarandon, (how fitting) Jeff, and all the kids really liked it, including Brandon! Jeff and I both give it 4 diamonds.

****"August Rush" rated PG. This is definately a must see! About the boy who was raised in an orphanage but "just knows his parents want him". He sets out to find them and meets a rugged 'cowboy' (Robin Williams) who tries to be his agent but is in it for himself. A very different role for Robin. The love of music and their talents try to bring them together. It did drag a little, and it's kind of predictable, but very good. Jeff and I give it 3 and 1/2 diamonds.

****"The Mist" rated R for language and gore. Stephen King come on! I went because I thought it would be fun to get scared and I thought it would be interesting. WRONG!!! I have two words, HATED IT! At the risk of ruining it for anyone, what I thought was going to be in the mist, and what was in the mist, couldn't have been more opposite. And what was in the mist was s0 LAME. It was gross and disgusting and sometimes the people were so stupid. Then add Stephen Kings whacky ideas on religion and you have a mess. And as if it weren't bad enough, the ending leaves you totally jaw-dropped and sick to your stomach! It takes it from, as Lisa said "Just a lame movie to a sick and wrong and terrible movie". Jeffs giving it 1 and a 1/2 diamonds, and me? guess. Yep, lump of coal!

****"Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium" rated G. It was fun, but I don't think I liked it as much as I thought I would. I didn't quite "get" Dustin Hoffmans Character. I'm sure I'm trying to read way too much into it. Maybe I thought there would be more of the toys coming to life. The lesson they're trying to get across is good. I don't know, it was kind of off for me. Jeff gives it 3 and I give it 2 and a half.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Miss you Grandma!

It was 4 years ago today that I lost my Grandma, my dear friend and my always willing lunch buddy. How I wish she could have been here today sitting at the Thanksgiving table with us. My life hasn't been the same since she went to heaven. I take comfort in knowing that she is up there running and dancing and not in any more pain. I can't wait to see her again someday. I love you Grandma!

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Movie Critiques

A couple movies that I saw awhile back that I thought might be of interest, but aren't at the theaters right now;

****"Into the Wild" This was very interesting to me. It's about the guy who decides he wants to sell everything he owns and move to Alaska and live off the land, literally in the wild. He was only like 24 or something. I think what makes it so interesting is that it's a true story. It's kind of sad and happy at the same time because you just know that he's doing what he wants to do, even though it's hard. You start to realize that theres no way he could live the "normal, traditional" life. If this comes to the dollar theater I would highly recommend seeing it. I think it's rated R but I don't know why, theres no sex or nudity in it. Jeff and I both give it 3 diamonds.

****"Death Sentence" Rated R for language and violence. Starring Kevin Bacon and Kelly Preston. I have to say that this was one of my favorite movies of the "quarter". I'm not sure why I liked it so much but I really did. I think it's because the gangsters get what they deserve and it's so awesome. It's too bad they had to put so many 'F' words in it, but I guess that's how gangsters talk so they had to make it genuine. If you can kinda block out the language I think you'll really like it. It does have some really sad parts in it, But it's soooo good. I've been watching for it to come to the dollar theater. I would really see it if you get the chance. Maybe it's going to go straight to DVD and skip the dollar theater. If so, be sure to rent it and then tell me what you think! Jeff gives it 3 and a half and I give it 4 (almost 5!)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Sister, My Friend

A few years ago, twin girls Brielle and Kyrie were born prematurely to the Jackson family. They were immediately placed in seperate incubators to reduce the risk of infection. Kyrie, the larger sister, at two pounds three ounces,quickly began gaining weight and calmly slept. but Brielle, who weighed only two pounds at birth, could not keep up with her. Suddenly one day Brielle's condition became critical. The nurse tried everything she could think of to stabilize Brielle, but still she squirmed and fussed and her heart rate soared. Then the nurse remembered a procedure she had heard about. She said to the worried parents, "let me try putting Brielle in with her sister to see if it helps." The parents consented, and the nurse slipped the squirming baby into the incubator with her bigger sister. No sooner had the door of the incubator closed than Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie and calmed right down. Within minutes Brielles' blood -oxygen readings were the best they had been since she was born. As she dozed, Kyrie wrapped her tiny arm around her smaller sibling. The doctors and nurses had tried every medical and scientific device possible to help Brielle and nothing worked. Nothing could do for the struggling baby what her own sister could do for her. This is what sisters can do for each other.

This is how I feel about my sister. I couldn't live without her. Thanks for everything you do for me sis!! I love you!

A Really, Really Good Week!

Sometimes if you plan something way in advance it has a hard time coming to fruition. Have you ever done something so spur of the moment that it's amazing it worked? In August my dear friend Lisa called and asked if I would like to go to 'EducationWeek' with her at BYU. I replied "Heck yes I would, when is it?" To which she replied "Tomorrow." I thought 'Oh, I could take a day and go get inspired to become a better wife and mother.' And then Lisa said "I'm going every day, Mon. -Fri., all day." As much as I wanted to go the whole time, I didn't think there was any way I could pull it off. I meekly brought it up with Jeff, and, to my surprise, he said that would be fine and that I should go. My dear, sweet husband got the kids off to school in the mornings, picked them up after school, got Erika to dance, and everything else that I usually 'take care of':) Oh what fun we had, going to amazing, inspiring classes, going to lunch, and one day, skipping out early from a class we found boring and getting ice cream instead!! Right in the middle of the week was Lisas birthday so I brought her a little cake and two forks. If you ever get a chance to eat a cake right from the 'pan' with no plates, in a car, in a parking lot, I highly recommend it. It was exhilerating!! Thanks Lise, and Jeff, for a really really good week!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Guess what today is?!!!

That's right, Friday, and we all know what that means!!

****"Love in the time of cholera"rated R for nudity. It was kind of depressing and frustrating. The one guy is so infatuated with this woman that he pines for her for 53 years, Even after she gets married. You just want to say "get over it, move on with your life". But I guess thats what is supposed to be so romantic. I don't know, it was okay, kinda risque and too sexual. Jeff wasn't crazy about it and gives it one and a half diamonds. I think it's one of the movies that will be nominated for best picture because it seems like all the weird, off-the-wall kind do. The music was beautiful, some of it by Shakira. I'm giving it 2 diamonds.

****"Martian Child" rated PG-13. I was really hesitant to see it because I had heard that it was sad. I don't do well with sad. (It took Elise 3 years to get me to watch 'Charly') I was pleasantly relieved. I guess I was geared up for something really bad so it was okay. It did bring an occassional tear to the eye but had just the right amount of humor and light-heartedness. I thought it had a good 'moral to the story'. I didn't ask Jeff what he would rate it before he fell asleep but I'm giving it 4 out of 5 diamonds

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not just movies!!!

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows that I do have a life outside of the theater. Really, I do!! We try to limit our movie- going to Fridays:) Saturday we drove to Logan to see the play that Jeff's sister wrote for her stake. It was so good! It was called "The Coat of many Adventures" She's so clever, I don't know how she comes up with all the little puns and innuendos. It was worth the one and a half hour drive there, getting there at 3:00pm and the drive home by 11:00 pm. We had to be home for Sunday because it was Bryces primary program and Brandon had interviews with the Bishop, getting ready for his mission. Yesterday I made nine tater tot casseroles for the freezer meal dinner group I'm in. Thank you so much Lisa for helping me!! Your the best!!
Have a great day! I am going downstairs to clear out the basement to get ready to rent it out, lucky me. Once again, thank you Lisa, who is here to help me. You're a saint!!!

Do stay tuned for my all time favorite movies list! Any guesses as to what my #1 favorite is?
Dang, I didn't get through a post without mentioning movies. I promise movies are not my life!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another day, Another movie

****How about "30 days of night" rated R for language and gore. Wow! I didn't really want to see it but my husband wanted to so i decided I'd go with him. It was eerie, intense and gross. Elise has loved scary movies since she was little, so was determined to see this one. Having just read 'Twilight' she was under the delusion that the vampires were gonna be "hot" (in her words) boy was she disappointed!! They were UGGGGLLY! It wasn't your typical vampire movie, it was better. I know I said it was gross, and I hated the half dozen 'F-words' but it was really good. I would have preferred a different ending, but it was good. Elise gives it 4 and a half diamonds, Jeff gives it 3 and a half, I give it 3 out of 5 diamonds.

****How about "Across the Universe" rated PG-13 for thematic elements? I liked this one more than I thought I would. The music is awesome. Once it starts into the Vietnam war protests it loses a little umph and starts to drag a bit. Some scenes are reminiscent of Walt Disneys "Fantasia" which I was never super crazy about. Jeff gives it 2 diamonds and so do I, they had awesome voices.

****"American gangster" rated R for language and violence. It's interesting how this one is based on the true story of Frank Lucas who became extremely wealthy selling drugs in the U.S. its your typcical gangster movie with all its killing and language. There are naked ladies sorting the drugs,(so they can't steal anything, of course). Denzel Washington was really good, as usual. Jeff gives it 3 and a half diamonds, I give it 3.

Another day, Another movie

****Heres a critique for ya. "The Comebacks" Oh my gosh, an hour and twenty-four minutes of pure torchure! Rated PG-13 for stupid. Bryce was off-track and wanted to go to a movie. We set off to see "Ghostly Guardians" which is about ghost sitings at Fort Douglas at the University of Utah. We lasted about twenty minutes and walked out. It was beyond stupid. Got our money back and Bryce begged to go to Comebacks. It's a "comedy" (used lightly) that plays on all other sports movies ever made. It's the kind of humor that does'nt make sense, kinda like cartoons..? for example; one of the players gets shot and then in the next scene is playing again. I mean seriously. I had to cover Bryces eyes a couple times but he was laughing through most of it. I guess 10 year olds like this kind of stupidity. I'm giving it one big fat lump of coal!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another day, Another movie

****I loved "Dan in real life" rated PG. How awesome is that! They could have made it so bad. I really like seeing Steve Carrell playing a normal character, even though I get a kick out of him on "The Office". It's very relatable and fun. It's scary how much his two oldest girls reminded us of our own girls, which, for those of you who have seen it, can now feel sorry for me that his middle daughter reminds us way too much of Erika. Not so much right now, but in due time. It's touching and a feel good movie that I give 4 out of 5 diamonds!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Another day, Another movie

****Okay people- half the reason I wanted to do this blog was to fulfill my life-long dream of being a movie critic:) Not that you can take too much stock in it, because I like all kinds of movies so it's typically hard to find one I don't like, but, I guess i'll just put in my two cents.

****I always wondered who would edit all of the rated R movies for "Clean Flicks" and thought that was really nice of them to do. So, let it be known that since I have been a movie buff my whole life, I feel it my duty to 'take one for the team' and keep you informed of what's out there!:p

****Today we saw "Lions for lambs" with Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, and Robert Redford. rated R for language and violence I guess. It was'nt too bad in those two areas. It was very political and I got a little restless because I'm not really into that, but it was really pretty good. It made sense. Very good acting by the 3 main characters, and the students too, actually. It gets 3 out of 5 diamonds.

****We also saw "Lars and the real girl" with Ryan Gosling rated PG-13. It's about him being mentally dillusional and thinks a life-sized "mannequin";) is real. It was surprisingly funny and clever. Maybe it was the mood I was in (because it really is kind of bizarre) but I really liked it! I'm giving it 4 0ut of 5 diamonds.

****Melanie mentioned the other day that we saw "Why did I get married?" rated PG-13 for thematic elements maybe? Janet Jackson is an author that is talking about her book with college students. It's an all black cast and they are all very attractive:) It was kind of interesting, kind of predictable but I really liked how it ended. 2 out of 5 diamonds.

I have pretty much seen everything thats in theaters right now, but I will talk about them later. I am going to bed on account of I got four hours of sleep last night. Good-night.

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