Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Day, Another Movie

****"88 Minutes" rated R for violence, brief nudity, and language. Al Pacino is a college professor who also does some work with forensic pathology. Having made some enemies along the way, it's hard to guess who is trying to kill him. He has 88 minutes to try to figure it out before he is dead. Pretty intense and pretty tame as far as R rated movies go. I really liked it. Wer'e giving it 3 diamonds.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Peek into my New World!

As some of you may(or may not) have heard, I am embarking on a new world, a new life for me. On April 10th I started my training at the new wal-mart about 5 minutes from my house. On the 14th we started getting the store ready for the big open to the public, which isn't until May 21st. I have been creating shelves and walls with grids, that are heavy and awkward, and walking the legnth of the store I don't know how many times. I didn't know it was possible to feel so sore through every muscle and bone in my body. It's also been quite challenging to figure out where every single piece of inventory goes from the direction of a small map. I've almost got the first week behind me, just 4 more to go! Once it opens it's gonna be a walk in the park! I will be working at the jewelry counter which I am quite excited about. I'm not used to the hours, 8 to 5 Mon. thru Fri. but I guess I will get used to it. Already I am a little, as I'm not quite as wiped out when I get home. Monday when I got home at about 5:20 I plopped on my bed and didn't budge for hours. It's fun, I've made new friends, and for the first time in our 21 years of marriage we will have decent insurance! You can't put a price on that. I miss my sis and the boys, I hope to see you guys soon! Love to all! I'll be seein ya. (at Wal-mart?)

Another Day, Another Movie

****"Prom Night" rated PG-13. Jeff and I thought it was kind of lame, but of course alot of teenagers I have talked to really liked it. It's always nice when they come out with a scary movie that's not rated R, but I still don't like all the sexual inuendos. Jeff summed it up perfectly when he said; "Too bad they can't write scary without stupid!" I mean , it was okay, but you find yourself yelling "No! don't go there! don't do that! Don't go back into a burning building to get your moms scarf!" (DUH!) Kind of the usual, kind of predictable. Jeff gives it 1 diamond, I'll give it 2, it was entertaining.

****"Smart People" rated R. Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the amazing Ellen Page, but I think Thomas Hayden Church made the movie. Quaids character is so unhappy and miserable, it was kind of a downer. It's slow and depressing, but at the same time kind of poignant. Sometimes Parker's character makes you go "What???" I don't know how to explain it, Quaids a miserable widower who tries to hook up with Parker but he's so out of whack socially that it's a strain. Page is his extremely intelligent daughter who is equally as miserable and lacking attention. It's okay but nothing earthshattering. Jeff gives it 1 1/2 diamonds, I give it 2.

****"Street Kings" rated R. Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker are cops who are constantly trying to figure out who are the good cops and who are corrupt. It keeps you wondering the same thing which is fun for awhile but quite honestly, I couldn't remember what happens in this movie! I had to ask Jeff to review it for me, and I just saw it a week ago. It's all over the map and flighty. Not the best, but I'm sure some will really like it. In the words of Simon Cowell; "If I'm going to be honest, I thought it was forgetable. No one will remember this performance tomorrow." Jeff and I both give it 1 diamond.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Hostess with the Mostess!

Okay, this is way long over due but I am finally getting to it. A few weekends ago I had to go to St. George for one of Erika's dance competitions. I didn't want to afford a hotel so called up our cousin Michele to see if she would want to come and stay with me, hang out, have fun and split the cost of the hotel. She couldn't but said I was more than welcome to stay with her. I thought it might be too hard to get to St. George on time from Enterprise but she assured me that it wouldn't be bad. She was even gracious when I asked her if it was okay if, not only Elise and Bryce came, but also Erika's friend. She waited up for us to get there, which wasn't until about 1:00 in the morning, and made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. All three of her kids even gave up their beds for us!!! The next morning when we had to leave by about 7:30, I thought she would be sound asleep, No, she was awake helping us get going, putting a GPS in my car, guiding the way, and giving us yogurt and juice boxes for the trip. As I was leaving I suggested that maybe they could meet us in town for dinner, she said that she would love to cook dinner for us, (Hello!) We got back to her house by 6:30 p.m. and sat down to a full-blown roast dinner with potatoes and gravy, corn that she had cut off the cob herself and frozen, salad, and delicious rolls. Erika's friend said, (as she was gobbling up her second helping) "this is the best dinner I have had in a long time!" We all relaxed that night and watched "Dan in Real Life" and she made us orange julius' and rice krispy treats.
The next morning, my crew all slept while they went to church. When they got home we visited for awhile before heading home. She sent us home with cookies and chocolate, water bottles, oranges, and even a couple movies she burned to watch on the way home. It was so peaceful and pleasant at her house, in the middle of nowhere! I SO enjoyed it! I promise you, if you will go visit her, you will have an absolute wonderful time! She should open a bed and breakfast!!! SERIOUSLY! I can't say thank you enough, dear cousin, and family. You're the best. Thank you for spoiling us. I will definitely be back soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Day, Another Movie

****"Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day" rated Pg-13. My cute mommy flew in for my birthday and graced me with her presence at two movies! What a trouper! We saw this and '21'. Miss P is kind of an artsy movie. Set in 1939, Amy Adams plays an aspiring actress that's kind of a floozy and the amazing Francis McDermand is Miss Pettigrew, a poor governess who's unjustly fired. By a twist of fate, and her stepping out of her comfort zone, she lands a job as Ms Adams' social secretary, and the events that take place are just funny, clever, and amazing happenstance! Melanie and Jeff were with us too and everyone liked it. I really liked it and think that this is definitely one for my cousin AD :) Jeff gives it 2 diamonds (it's kind of chick-flicky) I'm giving it 3.

****"Nim's Island" rated PG. Abagail Breslin, Jodie Foster, and my favorite, Gerard Butler(from P.S. I love you) Abagail and Gerard are father and daughter who have lived on a secluded Island her whole life. They get seperated and while he's lost at sea, she is alone and scared on the island. She calls upon the help of Jodie who plays a germaphobic, writer who doesn't dare leave her apartment. It's nice to see Jodie in such a fun, sweet role. It's just an all around fun, feel-good movie with a really cute gecko? or lizard? and a seal? or walrus? Um... that's not very informative, I guess I need to brush up on my reptiles and mammals! Anyway, once again I was pleasantly surprised, and Erika, who, for some reason, is like pulling teeth to get her to go to a movie, (Who's child is this?!!!) really liked it, and so did Bryce! I'm giving it 3 diamonds.

****"Stop Loss" rated R. Ryan Phillipe doesn't usually do anything for me, but I really liked him in this. For those of you who don't know what 'Stop Loss' means, (like I didn't before I saw this) It's actually a term that's used in the military when a soldier is due for discharge, and "the higher-ups" decide that they're too valuable to let go and require them to complete another tour, against their wishes. It was very interesting but sad. At the end they give you the statistics of how many are stop lossed and all the details. I guess people are trying to eliminate this practice and are fighting it big time. It didn't have any skin, but of course, swear words and violence, which was actually hard to take in the beginning. Jeff gives it 2 1/2 diamonds, I give it 2.

****"Super hero Movie" rated PG-13. Okay, who let me go see this one?! I swore off this kind of movie, remember! Stupid satire, mimicking and making fun of all super hero movies... Please. give me a break. Some of you might like it, it wasn't as bad as 'Meet the Spartans', so Jeff and I are giving it 1 diamond.

****"Ruins" rated R. A bunch of no-names get quarantined to the top of a pyramid-type thing and have to try to survive the elements and a mysterious nemisus that I wont give away. It's an interesting concept but gets too corny and, frankly, too gross. It has an unneccesary quick nude scene and a disturbing murder...well a couple of them, but this one in particular just seems really unneccesary. Jeff and I are both giving it a lump of coal.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Day, Another Movie

****"21" rated PG-13. Based on the true story about the MIT student who's a math genius that gets caught up into counting cards in Vegas because of one of his professors. (Kevin Spacey)It has humor, a love interest, a little bit of intensity, and a few twists along the way. I really liked it, though the scenes when they meet in the strip club could be cut out! Can someone please explain to me why Kate Bosworth has one blue eye and one brown eye?! I've noticed it before, in a magazine, but I wonder if it's the true color of her eyes or if she does it on purpose with contacts? Enquiring minds want to know! Jeff and i both give it 3 1/2 diamonds.

****"Run Fatboy Run" rated PG-13. Produced by David Schwimmer, in London. It's about the guy who leaves his pregnant fiance' at the alter, but then 5 years later when she finds a man, (Hank Azaria) he can't handle it and wants her back. He commits to run the marathon for charity because that's what the boyfriend does. Oh My Gosh it was so funny! I don't think I was expecting much going in, so maybe thats why I liked it so much, but I highly recommend it! It's lighthearted, and proves, once again, that people aren't always what they seem! Again, we both give it 3 1/2 diamonds.

****Leatherheads" rated PG-13. George Clooney, and Jim Kavinski! How can you go wrong! Set back in the twenties, George is trying to legitimise football. It kind of had the feel of "Oh Brother, Where art Thou". It's clever and funny, yet even a bit sad. A very good movie that, I think, everyone will like. Jeff gives it 3, I'm giving it 4 diamonds.

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