Sunday, December 21, 2008

What happens When....

You go from never eating properly or consistently while living at home, to eating three square meals at the MTC, and then eating southern cooking from generous members? Here are Brandons exact words;

"I have gotten a couple compliments on my butt. Well one of them was from my companion so it didn't really count and he only said that it filled out my pants, so i'm not sure it was a compliment, it might have been an insult. Then the other was from one of our investigators. She asked me if I had any Black in my blood and I said 'not that I know of why?' Then she asked why I have such a ghetto booty. Those were her exact words. Well that might have been an insult too so I don't really know. I'm not sure what a ghetto booty is, if it's good or bad but whatever, lol. Well speaking of my butt filling out my pants, I actually tore my pants. I was carrying a couple boxes and then I bent over to set them down and my pants ripped. Yep right down the crack- the whole thing. I knew I was gonna gain weight but I never thought that it would be so fast."

Isn't he cute... I miss him...:(

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Day, Another Movie

****The Day The Earth Stood Still rated PG-13. I've never really been a Keanu Reeves fan and he didn't do much to change my mind in this one. It was kinda weird. Jennifer Connelly was quite good and so was Will Smith's son, but it was too Sci-fi for me and just, weird. Good graphics, so it gets 2 diaminds.

****Four Christmases rated PG-13. It's no secret that I'm a huge Vince Vaughn fan. What can I say, I like big brawny men. :) I liked this one. I'ts funny and fun and crazy. Don't take any kids to it that still believe in Santa. Luckily Bryce had found out about a week before this movie. It's fun to see Tim McGraw play in this kind of role. Fun Fun. 3 1/2 diamonds.

****Transporter 3 rated PG-13. How many times can they make the same movie with different girls being transported? Same everything it seems. The only good thing about it is Jason Stathams body which almost makes it worth it, almost. 1 diamond.

****Australia rated PG-13. Oh my gosh I LOVED this movie!!!! The little boy in it is so cute and Nocole Kidman was great, but can I just say, I have one word for Hugh Jackman, and it's the only word that fits; DAYAM!!! Holy cow, yeah, let's just say that the people who chose him as the sexiest man of the year were right on. It is 3 hours but to me it didn't seem long. It has romance, adventure, a villian, and BEAUTIFUL scenery. You will laugh and cry, you know I don't like sad, and there is sad, but oh it's good. I'm trying to remember if I have given any movie five diamonds yet? I think just a couple. Well guess what..

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, Brandon has been in Alabama now since November 12th and I haven't been able to blog much about it because my mom has been here helping me de-junk and de-clutter my house, trying to get it ready to sell. Can I just say that she is truly an Angel in disguise because of all the help she has been. And here she is supposed to be taking it easy, oh the guilt.
The first e-mail we got from Brandon was quite disturbing to me. He said that he's in such a dangerous area that they can't go tracting, they're just doing media referrals. The neighboring zip code has the number 1 murder rate in the nation. Uh hum.. (???????????) They did go to an appointment of an investigator and had to run to their car after hearing gun shots. There are gun shots in the window of the church they attend, but don't worry, their just random cross-fire shots, not specifically aimed there...(? and thats supposed to make me feel better) He spoke of rumors of sorority girls drugging missonaries and having their way with them in order to get in to the sorority. In his exact words, "So don't worry, I'll be killed before I'm raped." HELLO!!! What am I supposed to do? I wanted to jump on the next plane and go drag him out of there. But he is doing so well, just loving every minute of it, and he and his companion, who is also from Utah, get along so well. I am trying not to worry too much. He's on the Lord's errand. Heavenly Father will bless him and protect him.

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