Sunday, January 25, 2009

Let's go back in time...

In honor of Brandons 20th birthday, I wanted to post some of his cute pictures. He changed my life the day he came into it. He's always been such a good, happy boy. I am so proud of him...


Another Day, Another Movie

****BOLT****rated G. I finally saw this movie and I loved it! That dog is so cute! And the cats and hamster, don't get me started!!! Jeff and Bryce had seen it awhile ago and Jeff had raved about it so I knew it must have something special to it. It's just fun. We give it 3 1/2 diamonds.

****BRIDE WARS****rated PG-13. I enjoyed it. Jeff, not so much. He gets too analytical about movies. I thought they were great together, so did he, but he didn't like how Ann Hathaway was a nice person her whole life, and then, just because she gets mean and nasty for a few months, she changes her whole life. Hard to explain without giving too much away, but I really liked it. Jeff gives it 1 1/2, I give it 3.

****DEFIANCE****rated R. It was nice to see Mr. 007, Daniel Craig in a different light. This was about the Jews getting treated so terribly, the horrible things they had to go through, and a man making a difference. It was very interesting and intense. I really liked it. We give it 3.

****FROST/NIXON****rated R. This was about President Nixons resignation and the Nation thinking that he owed them an apology. Reporter David Frost tries for about 3 years to get funding to pay for a four-part interview. It was kinda long and draggy but interesting at the same time. It was based on actual events. I liked it. 3 diamonds.

****PAUL BLART, MALL COP****rated PG. Jeff and I really enjoyed this movie. I don't know if it was the mood we were in, or what, but we laughed and really liked it. I love Kevin James, he cracks me up. We are giving it 3 1/2 diamonds.

****REVOLUTIONARY ROAD****rated R. Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet are together again, but this time it's much more depressing. (Is it really possible to get more depressing than Titanic?) It was frustrating how pathetic they were when, really, they had it all. Jeff said they just needed the missionaries to knock on their door :) The acting was good, but it was just a downer, annoying and sad. We're giving it 1 diamond.

****UNBORN****rated PG-13. Oh my gosh, what was I thinking? This movie had some freaky sh--! Theres no other way to describe it! It really kinda freaked me out. I am not a horror movie fan like Elise. Didn't like it. However, as far as this kind of movie goes, for those who like this kind of thing, it was very well done. 2 diamonds.

****SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE****rated R. We saw this awhile back, before it was re-leased, but I don't think I reviewed it. This was a really good movie! Very interesting, very real, sad, but triumphant. I really liked it. I think it was rated R because of some of the torture scenes, but it wasn't that bad. Quite a tame rated R. I think everyone will like it. 4 diamonds.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Day, Just ONE Movie :(

****HOTEL FOR DOGS rated PG. This was surprisingly a really good movie. It was fun and funny, but also had elements of sadness, adventure, and scary! I love Don Cheadle, and Emma Roberts was good. The dogs were so cute and it was fun to see all of the inventions by the boy for their benefit. I enjoyed it. I think it's great for kids. Bryce gives it 4 diamonds, I think 3.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

From the mouths of babes....

While finally getting a chance to catch up on some of the families blogs, I came across Anaise's and Matt's posts about recently having "The Talk" with their kids. I found it hilarious as well as coincidental because just last week I had the grim opportunity as well. This was not by my choice, but, just as the "Santa Claus Talk" had come up before Christmas, I guess this topic was apparently on my "little" Bryces mind. Since my posts are always so boring, holding to the theme of movies and my missionary, I've decided to share our conversation with you, even though, if Bryce finds out, I fear he will never speak to me again.

Bryce; "mom do mormons have sex?"



me; ummmmmmmmmmmmm


...silence..awkward silence...........

B; soooooooo...?

(oh man, he's not gonna let me stall out of this....)

me; uhhhhhhhhh. Well, do you know what sex is?

B; "ya I'm pretty sure I do"

me; Well, I'm thinking that if your asking me this than your not quite clear about it.

B; "so they do?...have you...ever.....?"

me; well, you know you have to have sex in order to have a baby...

B; "OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!"

me; .....yeah.........

B; "oh, so that's why you didn't have any more kids"

me; well, er, ummmmm........

B; "so am I gonna have to have sex someday"

me; well if you want kids.

B; "but what if I don't want to"

me; believe me, you will someday

....silence..... quiet..... crickets chirping.... (oh good, glad thats over....)

B; "I'm gonna have to buy condoms aren't I?" (?!)

So, I guess 'The Part 2 ' that Matt is referring to is the part where we have to get into more detail. Me, part 1.... Jeff, part 2..... Definitely!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How about dropping a line...

How would you all like to make a missionary's day? Birthday that is. My sweet missionary boy will turn 20 on Friday the 16th of January. Yes this is short notice but I thought it would be fun for Brandon to get some letters from you dear family. He loves letters. He is doing so awesome. We talked to him for an hour on Christmas and he sounds great and is very happy. Thank you for all your love and prayers and support. The address I have on my blog is the mission office. This is the address to his apt. which would be better to send letters to:

114 Crabapple Lane Apt.F
Forestdale, AL 35214

Another Day, Another Movie

****BEDTIME STORIES rated PG. It was cute, fun and funny. I am so at a loss as to what to say about it...It's par for Adam Sandler. We give it 3 diamonds.

****THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON rated PG-13. I really liked this one. I thought it was very well done and tender. Brad Pitt was really good and Cate Blanchet was beautiful. It was interesting and intriguing. It's long, 3 hours, but it keeps your attention. Again we both give it 3 diamonds.

****SEVEN POUNDS rated PG-13. WOW! I thought this was amazing. I've talked to some people who didn't like it. They said they didn't get it and that it was slow but I thought it was so poignant and deep and incredible. It is sad but I think everyone should see it, I would even venture to say that it is life-changing. Will Smith is amazing as always and Rosaria Dawson was really good. A must see, 4 diamonds.

****MARLEY AND ME rated PG. Ok, if your going into this thinking it's a fun, light-hearted movie for kids, your wrong. It has its funny moments and it's very real. It has some adult situations and worries and is quite sad. I know it's stuff that a whole lot of people go through so it is relateable... but sad. but good... Jeff gives it 2, I give it 3

****SPIRIT rated PG-13. Weird. Weird. Very comic book, but not the good kind like Batman, just weird. Good special effects. Eva Mendes is pretty and... different. Samuel L Jackson was good, but evil... and weird. Jeff gives it 2, I give it 1.

****TALE OF DESPERAUX rated PG. Kind of cute but draggy and sad in some ways. Well, it wasn't so bad but it did seem long. It would probably keep the interest of little ones for awhile, some parts were kinda scary. Jeff and I give it 2, Bryce gives it 2 1/2.

****VALKYRIE rated PG-13. It was very interesting to see it played out and to realize that there were people that worked for Hitler who were against him and tried to do something about it. It was very well done and intense. Sad. Good to see to understand. Sad. 4 diamonds.

****YES MAN rated PG-13. I really did like it. I thought Jim Carrey was great and Zoe Dischemel was awesome. There was one scene involving an old woman that was totally uncalled for and disturbing, I wish they would have left that out. For the most part it was really fun and enjoyable. Jeff says 4 diamonds, I say 3 1/2.

****GRAN TORINO rated R. Clint Eastwood was good. He was very angry and unhappy. But over all the acting in it was terrible. It was frustrating at times and quite predictable. I absolutely hate punk kids that think their so tough. This was also sad but I did like it. Jeff liked how Clint Eastwood was so prejidiced and would just say it how he saw it. That was funny. He only gives it 1, I think 2.

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