Friday, November 6, 2009

Which Flavor Are You?

Every day at 2:00 at Wal-Mart we have to go over to the grocery side and straighten all the shelves and throw away card board and put things away that are in the wrong place. It's called the 2:00 zone, and I dread it! The other day I had to do the freezer section, namely, ice cream. My hands were freezing. I was amazed at how I started thinking about everyone I knew as I saw all the different kinds of ice cream. It started with the sherbet, I almost got teary-eyed as I thought, 'Oh, Brandon loves sherbet.' 'Oh, wow, I didn't know they made brownie-cheesecake ice cream, that's Jeffs favorite kind of milk shake.' 'Chocolate chip ice cream? they still make that? that was always my dads favorite...' 'Caramel pecan, I remember that being Uncle LaMont and Chantels favs.' 'Strawberry cheesecake, my sister would love that, she loves loves cheesecake!' 'Coffee, oh boy, my crazy Erika loves coffee ice cream.' 'Cookies 'n cream, there's Bryce's favorite.' 'Cherry Garcia? that has to be Lesli's fav.' (Jeffs sis) 'Chocolate-banana shakes are Elise's favorite I think, do they make that kind of ice cream?' 'Oh it must be the holidays cuz ther's peppermint ice cream. My old neighbor in West Jordan couldn't wait for Christmas so she could get peppermint ice cream.' 'Ooooh! chocolate peanut-butter! thats the one! that is THE best flavor! not with chunks of peanut butter cups, noooo. chocolate with creamy real peanut butter! mmmmm. And that's my dear friend Lisa's favorite too.' 'Hmm, I wonder what kind my brothers like, and Venessa.... and my mom! I have to know! I asked Brandon what kind V choc chip. Okay, the verdict is in....if my mom could have any kind of ice cream.... she would choose... a vanilla cone from McDonalds:) So what is your favorite? Do tell!!!!


Anaise said...

Peppermint ice cream--a vanilla base with real peppermint candies crushed in it! I've only ever had it at "gourmet" ice cream shops, so I've had it maybe 5 times in my life, but it is soooooo gooooood!

Cade said...

I'm just plain Vanilla, but my favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks.

The Forney Four said...

what a sweet post (no pun intended). You're such a thoughtful, lovely person. You and my mom + walmart = true love forever.

and bring on the dreyers loaded chocolate chip cookie dough.

DIANE said...

Chocolate and nuts are a must. Frozen yogurt mixed with those two are your old aunts favorite.

AD said...

It's a tie between Cherry Garcia (yummers) and HaagenDaz dulce de leche.

Speaking of yummers, have you ever read that children's story book called "Yummers!" It's a scream!

Thanks for remembering my birthday! Come see me when you want a change of scenery! :)

Trish said...

Okay, so I don't indulge in my favorite very often--it has to be a very special occasion. But it's always worth it! It's Bluebell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough--which you can only get in the great state of Texas! It's soooo yummy!

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