Saturday, January 30, 2010


How are you all? Sorry for my absence, the days just get away from me. I still don't know how mom's work full time and function. We're all hanging in and plugging away. I think we could all get used to it here except for Erika. She is still convinced that she is going to go back to Utah next year and go to her high school. I really don't know what to do. The thought of moving back already is just more than I can bear. And let's not even go there with Jeff! He took the brunt of the move and is still recooperating. The High School here is kind of scary and not great. It is brand new and doesn't have any programs or extra-curricular activities. I feel like I need to let her go there and that we're ruining her life. :(
On a lighter note, can you believe that Elise came to visit us for Christmas and stayed!? She had finished her semester at Snow and was going to attend the community college in salt lake but decided to move to Arizona cuz she liked it so much. Well, and her boyfriend liked the aviation program here and came with her. He lives with his aunt and uncle in gilbert and will be teaching flight school in the spring. Now if I could get Brandon and V here, and get Erika to stay, I would be so happy. Well, I will come back soon. Love to all.


gardnerfam said...

Yeah you are back. I missed you. I am glad to hear you are doing well. You could send Erika to live with me. She would probably be bored stiff but, even though it is tough she is where she needs to be (with her family). THat is so fun about Elise. Just have brandon come for a visit and he will love it too. I sure hope to come to visit someday. (would you put me up). Love ya

DIANE said...

We miss all of you in Utah. But I'm glad your family is mostly all together again.

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