Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Day, Another Movie

*VALENTINES DAY* PG-13. I couldn't wait to see this movie because of the all-star cast. I really did like it. Ann Hathaway was a crack-up. It was fun and entertaining. So what is it about Valentines Day that makes people hate it? I think men hate it cuz they can't stand the pressure of making sure they don't blow it and are never sure what they're supposed to do to not blow it. Women hate it cuz their man doesn't do what they think they should to prove their undying love and gratitude. What is it we women want? I don't need my man to spend a fortune on me. I just want him to not go on about how much he hates Valentines day because it's so commercialized and its just another day for the stores to make money and that he doesn't need a day to say he loves me, that he loves me every day of the year blah blah blah. Just look into my eyes and tell me how awesome and beautiful I am and that you love me more than life itself. And then give me a love letter that says your so glad there is a day set aside to make me feel as special as I am. Is that too much to ask? :) uh um... good movie....4 diamonds****

*WOLFMAN* R. I had great expectations for this one and was somewhat disappointed. Thought there would be some kind of twist to the typical werewolf story this time but it was a bunch of the same old. The best part was watching him transform, that was cool. 2 1/2 diamonds.**

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DIANE said...

So glad you are back with not only movies but other entries. I wonder so much about you and your family. Valentine's Day is going to see me tomorrow. I had Cade's kids over the weekend so I didn't make it to the movie. I'm so excited to go to a movie. We hardly ever go anymore. Just too much stuff in them now.

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